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CNG is a transportation fuel made by compressing natural gas or biogas to less than 1% of its volume. Natural Gas pipelines or mobile transport trailers transport the natural gas to CNG station where it passes through a gas dryer and is compressed through two to five stages of compression until it reaches a pressure of up to 4,500 psig.

Once compressed, CNG is stored and distributed at a significantly lower cost than gasoline or diesel.  The compressed natural gas reaches a priority panel that directs into on-site, above-ground storage vessels.  Customers fill their natural gas vehicles from the dispenser, much like a conventional traditional fueling station.

Natural gas is always in a gaseous state, lighter than air and actually less explosive than liquid fuels in most instances.  All storage of CNG are equipped with temperature and pressure relief devices and if compromised will exhaust and dissipate since it is lighter than air.

        Building & Maintaining Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Stations

           Compressed Natural Gas / Renewable Natural Gas / BioGas

We support cleaner air &   cleaner skies for our families!!

Drive Clean!!  Drive Natural Gas!! Are Proud Of Our Customers!
We are currently maintaining 179 private,  2 public CNG vehicle fueling & 1 Biogas compression equipment locations,           both residential, commercial & production facilities!

Why aren't more people taking advantage of convenient, clean, domestic, less costly natural gas vehicle fuel at home or work? It’s a cleaner fuel, available now, a proven technology & American!

Last fuel bill at the Clement Home- $1.10 per gallon!!                         (Using home fueling from a state regulated gas utility!)

   Mesa – Phoenix – Las Vegas

- CNG Station Maintenance

- Convenient On-Site CNG Vehicle Fueling Systems

- Sales, Service, Repair & Installation in Arizona

- For Cars, Trucks, Fleets, Forklifts & Ice Surfacers!
- Residential, Business, School or Municipality 

-We maintain many different brands of compressors!

- Fast Fill, Time Fill or Combination- Customized to Your Needs

- Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Equipment Contractor


 CNG Station Service, Maintenance & Upgrades

Compressed Natural Gas / Renewable Natural Gas / BioGas

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    We work on all makes of CNG Compressors & Stations!!!  Big or Small




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 Help Keep Our Skies Clean and Blue, Drive a Natural Gas Vehicle!            

From fueling your vehicle to fueling your fleet!  Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Equipment

Call Dave at (480) 461-5166 or Email For Availability of New and Used CNG Vehicle Fueling Equipment

Federal Incentives – Renewed for 2020!

 $1000.00 Home fueling tax credit!!

Up to $30,000.00 Federal Public station fueling tax credit.

50 Cent per gallon commercial/business use federal rebate!!

**Retroactive for 2018 and 2019!!!**


Arizona Incentives-  $19.00 License & Registration on Dedicated Natural Gas Vehicles!!

Reduced license plate fees and HOV/Carpool lane access with only one occupant with the blue clean air plate!


(*After Sept 2009, only dedicated NGV’s will get the AZ Alt Fuel Blue Plate* Previous bifuels are grandfathered until sold)


Imagine being able to refuel your car at home or work and never needing to go to a gas station again!

Can we give you a quote on New, Used CNG fueling equipment or station maintenance??

FuelMaker VRA - Small Q’s- FMQ2-36 or FMQ-2, Starting at $8172.00 (1 gge per hour)

FuelMaker VRA - Big Q- FMQ8-36 or FMQ 10, Starting at $24,256.00!  (4 gge per hour)

HRA – Home Refueling Appliance, Phill FuelMaker (1/2 gge per hour)

Ask us about ANGI, Bauer & Cubogas for your larger CNG fueling needs!

Bauer - New “Q” Quiet models of compressors available from Bauer!! (3.2 to 438 gge hour)


The Dr. says "Use something as a reminder when your fill hose is attached for time fill"!*Convenient On-Site Fueling
*Reduced License Plate Fees
*HOV Lane Access
*Longer Engine Life
*Cleaner Air
*Independence From Foreign Oil
*Stable Fuel Costs!

What Is It Worth To You?

Your Family?

Your Air?
Your Business?
Your Community?
Your World?

Your Environment?








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Drive Cleaner!   Drive Cheaper!    Drive An American Fuel!   Drive Natural Gas!!

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**We are not a fuel retailer!  We are not a CNG station!  We build, maintain and upgrade compressed natural gas stations! Public, Private, Residential.**


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